💌Feedbacks & Announcement 📢

Hello Tin Can Fam,

Over the past week, with the help of everyone’s feedback of Tin Can 2.0, the team huddled over to reexamine a few things. We were too focused on getting rid of superficiality on the app and focused solely on connecting people through their stories, experiences, and thoughts through audio. We pushed forward an anonymous approach, thinking that would make users feel safer and comfortable. Without the visual distractions before talking, we thought that would make you feel safer to share your emotions, as you have the option to either make them your Talk Friend and get to know them better, or decide not to speak with them again, like “Ships passing in the night.”

We still do believe that genuine connections should be made without preconceived notions of each other. However, we realize that a photo gives you a means of expression. And so with both audio and photo, one would be more able to expressively share stories and experiences. We are giving you back the ability to choose your profile picture (as long as it does not infringe community guidelines.) You can be you or who you want to be, let your creativity flow.

Your chosen Profile Picture will now be viewed publicly, just like before.

“So what’s going to set Talk Friends apart from the others?” you might ask. Aside from being able to directly talk with them, only your Talk Friends can see additional photos on your profile… 6 of them!

The team appreciates everyone’s feedbacks, making Tin Can a better space.

Get in touch with us on our social media channels:

Tin Can / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / YouTube

or email us at support@socialradiocompany.com



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